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Exploring Reasons Behind 5 Unusual Sounds Coming from an AC

Air-conditioning machines are unarguably one of those greatest inventions of all time, which have made the human life more convenient and relaxing. Today, we don’t have to suffer during intense weather conditions, all because we have air conditioners to control the indoor temperature as per our requirement. As for now, there are several advanced features […]

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Tips to Avoid Major Health Problems Caused By Air Conditioners

No matter what type of air-conditioning systems you are using in your home, you can’t disagree with the fact that there are some health problems caused by artificial cooling. For example, if you spend all of your time in air-conditioned rooms, then you might end up losing your ability to survive under hot circumstances. There […]

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Some Obvious Reasons for AC not Working Well

The AC is a systematic machine that when runs functionally well gives sound services all through the summer. So to take care of the unit, it is very essential for the house owner to get the system repaired on a timely basis. But sometimes, maybe due to a hidden reason or a visible reason, there […]

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Happy Earth Day 2018

Dating back to 45 years ago when millions of people took the pledge to shed a quality time to do something to protect the environment which has since become a victim of pollution, deforestation, gaseous production, chemicals etc. we the whole team of the AC repair Kendale Lakes has decided to join in this stride […]

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