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Happy Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day

Dating back to 45 years ago when millions of people took the pledge to shed a quality time to do something to protect the environment which has since become a victim of pollution, deforestation, gaseous production, chemicals etc. we the whole team of the AC repair Kendale Lakes has decided to join in this stride of celebration and protection of the Earth Day for this forthcoming year of 2018. We are a renowned service that offers quality services our customers for all residential and commercial AC and HVAC units. As the Earth Day is an inspiring event we at AC repair Kendale Lakes decided to share few thoughtful thoughts with our customers and make them aware about the significance of this significant day through our blog. The information in our blog will give you ways to do something for our planet and help you to celebrate the Earth Day joyfully.

Take a Stand for Climate

Let’s promise to save our climate and the Earth and fight against the use of fossil fuels because to protect the environment, a support from all is needed instead of just leaders taking initiative to this act. There are devastating consequences that are just because of the use of fossil fuels and affect a lot on the climate change and to end this deadly practice we need to take a stand for our planet.

Say no to Plastics

Though it is quite unfeasible to even think of moving without plastic bags but this is a high demand from our planet as the tremendous use of plastics harm the Earth, oceans, wildlife and our health too in many ways. So, going for paper bags will certainly work wonders and will pave the way of protecting our planet.

No More Fast Fashion

Buying more and more clothing just to fulfill fashion cravings can make your closet colourful but it plays a harmful effect on our planet as throwaway clothing suck up water, uses chemicals to get destroyed and accumulate waste which again affects badly on the climate.

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