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A Quick Glance on the Types of Residential Air Conditioners

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You will find residential AC systems in several sizes and shapes and picking any of those systems depends upon what type of cooling requirement you have in your house. Picking a residential AC system is not an easy task as it takes a great deal of concentration by the house owner to determine his or her requirement, size of the room, budget and other such similar requirements in order to choose the right kind of the residential air conditioner. So to make things clearer to you, AC repair Loxahatchee has summarized below some of the types of the residential AC systems that you can pick as per your convenience and priority.

Window Air Conditioner

Now this is the most common type of air conditioner that we usually see in household and are installed in single rooms. All the parts of the unit like compressor, condenser, evaporator and condenser coil are setup inside the system. These types of AC systems are mounted in a slot of the wall or more generally in a window. But one thing you need to make use is to keep that area insulated where unit meets with the opening else you will not receive consistent supply of the cool air.

Split Air Conditioner

These types of systems have two units the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed at the outside of the house and generally comprises compressor, condenser and expansion valves. The other part of the split AC system is the indoor unit which is mounted inside of the house and comprises evaporator coil, cooling coil and the cooling fan. Unlike window AC system, the split air conditioning systems occupies a less space.

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