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A Quick Go-Through on Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings

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Winters are here and so does the coolness. In this chilly and cold atmosphere, nothing comes to mind that to have a heat pump. A heat pump is a good investment majorly to save from cold and for long-term energy savings. Though all heating units come with energy efficiency enabled. But still, if you want to maximize energy savings, then choosing a model with a high-efficiency rating is a good step. The air source heat pump efficiency we can calculate through SEER and HSPF. The geothermal efficiency is we measure through COP. To make things clearer to you, read the blog as here heat pump repair Miami has defined all three efficiency ratings.


The cooling efficiency of the heating system is measured by SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). In fact, SEER is a ration that is the ratio of the cooling output divided by the electrical energy input. So a heat pump that can generate more cool air by consuming less energy has a higher SEER rating. This type of heating unit would utilize less energy in keeping your house cool. SEER ratings for heat pumps range from 13 to 19.


The heating efficiency of the air source unit we can calculate by HSPF or heating seasonal performance factor. The HSPF is the ratio of heat energy generated divided by the electrical energy consumed. SO it means that a higher HSPF means that the heating machine will consume less electricity and provide more comforts. The HSPF ratings range from 7.7 to 10.


The heating efficiency of the geothermal heating machines we can calculate by COP. Now COP is that when the machine generates equal heat energy as much as it consumes electrical energy. Then the machine has a COP of 1.0. To be more precise, then the heat pump units can generate even more energy then they consume. Because they are not creating energy they just transfer from one place to another. So COP ratings can exceed 3.0 or 300 percent efficiency.

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