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A Quick Review on Some Basic Components of AC Unit

AC Repair South Miami

An air conditioner is definitely a much reliant device or machine that works almost all 24*7 in order to provide you comfort and cool air throughout the summer. The air conditioner is not a single machine, in fact, it is made up of several components and the coordination among these components make the system to work flawlessly throughout the summer. The parts and components are the integral part of the AC machine that work in order to give you best services. So to understand AC, it is important to understand few components that are the major parts of the AC. To make you understand in a better way, AC repair South Miami has listed out a few components of AC for you to study.


The compressor is the major part of the AC system and sometimes also referred as the engine of the machine. The compressor works with a substance called a refrigerant that is easily gets converted from gas to liquid. The compressor converts low pressure gas to high pressure gas which has the highest temperature.

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil cools down the high pressure gas and converts it back into a liquid and this it does by the fan which is fitted with the condenser coil. This liquid, which gets cooled down from the high pressure gas is now sent to the next components of the air conditioner called an evaporator. The condenser is the outdoor unit and is located outside the house.

Air Handler and Blowing Unit

The air handler and the blowing unit work in tandem to fetch room air to the evaporator and then spreads out the cool air all around the house and this is usually done with the help of duct system which allows the airflow to get spread evenly all around the house.

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