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Does AC Leaks Water? If So then Find Out Why

AC Leaks Water

Hot days of summer can take a huge toll if not compensated by the functional air conditioner, what if you find that there is an issue of AC leaking water. You got stuck in the situation and end up facing bad AC days. But when you notice that your AC is leaking water, what exactly your reaction when you notice, you immediately try to call the professional to fix the issue as soon as possible. But as a house owner you should have little knowledge of why this is happening so because if you know why it is happening then you could keep a check on those flaws and try not to make your AC leaks water. Here in this blog air conditioning repair Miami has listed two very common yet overlook leaking water causes.

Overflow Drain Pan

The drain pan is located under the indoor air handler and is mainly allowed to collect the condensation from the AC unit. So you should turn OFF the AC unit and check the drain pan and pipe for any type of leaks. Now how could you fix it? Well! You can use a wet dry vacuum to clean the pan and also check the bottom and other areas keenly and remove excess dust and other congestion.

Drain Line

The drain line usually gets contaminated with dust and other contamination and you as a house owner should check the functioning of the drain line once in a while so that the drain line could function in a smooth manner. Now how can you free up the drain line from dust? Well! Using a wet dry vacuum you can clear the pipe from impurities and allow the AC to work in a smooth manner.

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