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Learn the Process to Wash the Dirt Off an Air Conditioner

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Your air conditioning system is playing a major role in making your home a place to rest and relax. But over time, you’ll find that your air conditioner is finding it harder to provide the same level of comfort that it once used to do. Yes, this is common with many electrical appliances that their performance gets poor over the time. Proper maintenance is the only way you can maintain the efficiency of your air conditioner for a longer period.

Cleaning the air conditioner is also a part of maintenance, which helps to keep your appliance healthier for longer. Before you decide to clean your AC by yourself, be sure that you have the required expertise because even a minor mistake might cause serious damage to the system, forcing you to hire AC repair Miami Lakes services.

We are here describing the process to wash the dirt off an air conditioner, just to make you know whether you should wash your air-conditioning system by yourself or you need to call the experts of AC repair Miami Lakes for cleaning your machine.

Tools You Needed

Basically, you’ll need an AC coil cleaner, hand gloves, water hose, sprayer and an eye protection tool as well. You can start cleaning your air conditioner only if you have all these tools.

The Process (in brief)

Since you are about to clean your air conditioner with water, make sure you have turned off the power supply. Once the power supply is off, you are all set to remove loose dust and debris with a hose pipe. Be gentle while doing so, and use low-pressure of water to wash off the dirt collected on the fins. When you are done with washing off the dirt present on crucial AC parts, clean the coils with the help of an appropriate coil cleaner. It should not be difficult for you to wash off the dust present on air filters as it’s quite easy.

Additional Instructions

Wear hand gloves and keep eye protection on while cleaning your air conditioner. Also, we don’t encourage you to clean the system by yourself if you don’t have the basic expertise.

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