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Some Common Pollutants of the Indoor Air Quality at Home

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Many home owners do stay concerned a lot about the quality of the indoor air which is a good way to keep the home cool and pure. Even while imbibing lot of safety precautions regarding indoor air quality, still the outdoor pollutants interfere in destroying the indoor air quality and give you a hard time in dealing with the issues. But you have to keep yourself conscious and no matter what you need to secure your house from getting polluted because inside air is generally the most obvious factors to keep health secure and make the environment better to live. Now, having said this, have you ever realized that despite great efforts few common indoor pollutants hamper the air quality? Well! To know more about them, read the blog where AC repair South Miami has stated those common pollutants.


We often feel good to lighten up our home by burning candles. It’s true that candles can add a lot to the beauty and ambience to your house but they also release chemicals which are not at all feasible for the health of your family members. So make sure before you use candles that only essential oils are used in scenting them.

Air Fresheners

Usually, we do want to freshen up our homes and we find nothing substantially good enough than using an air freshener which is quite a common product nowadays and everyone uses it. But do you know that the toxic chemicals released by spraying the air freshener can destroy the indoor air quality? These chemicals can let the humans to get prone to the respiratory problems and also contaminate the indoor air.

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