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Two Most Common Reasons Behind AC Not Working Well

AC Repair Miami Lakes

Though there are many factors that prevent air conditioner to work in a normal manner but emphasizing on some of the common problems is the way to get out of the problem of AC not working well. Many a times the house owner doesn’t remain alert of some of the problems, though they are visible and may stand a risk of getting their systems out of order but here in this blog, AC repair Miami Lakes has discussed few problems that are common and should be addressed once you notice them as soon as possible.

Outdoor Fan Not Working

The outdoor fan is responsible for transferring the heat from the house to outside. If the outdoor fan placed in the outdoor unit doesn’t perform well then heat transfer cannot take place in a smooth manner and the compressor would have to then work unnecessarily harder and may overheat and trip the circuit breaker. Also, sometimes, it may possible that some damage to the compressor takes place and you have to face the problem in the middle of the hot season.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is the chemical that helps in cooling the air in the air conditioning system. If you notice that your system is having refrigerant shortage then it might be because of the leaks in the air conditioning system. So the best way is to get the system recharged with the refrigerant and get the leaks and holes repaired so that no further refrigerant leaks can cause refrigerant shortage.

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