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Two Most Usual Mistakes Found in AC Installation

AC Repair South Miami

The installation of AC system is an important task and avoiding or delaying it can bring poor results in regard to the cool air supply and the quality of living. So every house owner should always take due care in getting the AC installed properly as per the specifications. But in spite of all the rules and regulations specified by the manufacturer, still the house owners commit mistakes and get the AC installed in a wrong manner which results in poor functioning and sometimes even in giving poor supply of the cool air. Generally the installation mistakes occur because of many reasons like overlooking the equipment or ignoring the things related to water drainage and other prevention measures etc. So for your better understanding, AC repair South Miami has listed two major installation mistakes that generally happen.

Ceiling Saver Kit not Used

When the AC system gets installed in the attic this is called as horizontal application and because of this sometimes the improper drainage can foster the ceiling to leak which results in water damage and mold growth. All this later requires the ceiling repairs. Now when the AC gets installed in the horizontal application, a secondary drip pan comes along with it to collect the condensation. So when this secondary drip pan is not used, then water collects inside the home. So for safer installation, always ask the expert to test a secondary drip pan or also called as a ceiling saver kit so that water damage should not occur.

Other Installation Problems

No matter what type of installation is being done for the air conditioner, there are several types of installation that occur either because of the carelessness of the installation expert or the carelessness of the house owner. Sometimes the size of the AC is not correct or sometimes the location at which the AC is being installed is not adequate. Sometimes the ductwork system does not work as required. So all this leads to poor installation and cause problems in the cool air supply regulation.

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