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Want to Know Why Does AC Filter Gets Dirty so Often?

AC Repair Weston

Often you have heard that the air filters get caught by dust, they are clogged with debris which needs to be removed and more such types of comments about the air filters. Well! The air filters are the major component which helps in circulating air and thus need to be changed or replaced at regular intervals of time so that cool and fresh air gets circulated. Now here in this blog, AC repair Weston has described about causes that let the filters to get accumulated with dirt and debris.

AC is ON

Yes! When thermostat’s setting is set to ON mode, then blower works and expel the through the air filter all 24*7 which puts so much of pressure on the air filter. So now when the filters are running almost every hour then undoubtedly the filter will get clogged with airborne contaminants rapidly and thus got clogged. In order to correct this issue, check the thermostat’s reading and set it to AUTO mode.

Leaky Ducts

Another very common cause of clogged air filters described by AC repair Weston are the leaky ducts which significantly increase the energy bills as the AC has to work harder in maintaining the temperature and also cause the filter to get into the trap of dust and debris. To fix the leaky ducts issue, it would be better to call the professionals to rebuild the air ducts’ built quality and allow them to circulate air evenly throughout the house.

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