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Why Do We Have Filters in Modern Air-conditioning Systems?

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Saving you from the scorching heat of the summers is the only function of an air-conditioning system during mid-year months. Your device does this by removing the heat from the indoor air and releasing it outside your home. Modern air conditioners perform this task of transferring the heat from one place to another with the help of a chemical compound called refrigerant.

The refrigerant absorbs the indoor with the help of evaporator coils and releases it with the help of condenser coils. So basically, filters in air conditioning systems don’t have any role in controlling the indoor temperature. Now the point is why modern cooling systems have air filters. As the name implies, they are there to filter the conditioned air. In simple terms, your AC utilizes the outdoor air to control the temperature and as the outside air is contaminated with dust and other harmful allergens, it’s crucial to filter the air.

True that there’s no specific role of air filters in the air-conditioning cycle, however, clogged air filters can sometimes be responsible for the sudden breakdown of your device, forcing you to hire AC repair Miami Lakes services. So, it’s completely your responsibility to keep AC filters as clean as possible.

Let’s explore why we need to clean the filter and what AC problems are caused due to clogged air filters.

When there’s too much dirt on air filters, it starts obstructing the airflow, forcing the device to work harder. As a result, your air conditioner starts taking too long to provide the desired temperature in your home.

Making it simple for you, excessive dust on filters can be responsible for these three AC problems:

  1. You’ll experience slow cooling speed, i.e. your AC will take unnecessarily longer time to deliver desired cooling.
  2. When an air conditioner is working for a longer period, then it is possible that you might need to pay a very large amount of money in the form of electricity bills.
  3. The chances of sudden malfunctions are also higher in that case, which is undoubtedly a serious issue.

So, be a responsible user and clean the filters at frequent intervals.

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