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Ways to Unclog a Drain

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Having a clogged drain is not something that occurs occasionally but is something that doesn’t give any signal and occurs all of a sudden or it could be an issue that keeps on popping every once in a while no matter how well you keep the drainage system clean or hygienic. Well! Worrying about these issues won’t work as these problems arise in every household which just require a proper solution to be rendered as per the situation. Now, if you really find that you always find yourself struggling with the clogged drain issue then reading this blog will certainly help you in overcoming such clog drain problems as AC repair Miami Lakes has taken an initiative through this blog to let its customers avail some unique solutions to undo the clog drain in their household.

Boiling Water

You must have heard that boiling water is the instant solution to unclog a drain which will to some extent make you relieve from a clogged drain issue. It’s an easy way to implement, you just have to boil some water either in a kettle or in the microwave and once it gets boiled then you need to slowly pour into the mouth of the drain slowly so that it doesn’t flip back. Let the water remain for a few seconds and then again pour a little water down the drain and repeat the process for three or four times.

Wire Hanger

A wire hanger is also another tool to get rid of the clogged drain without putting much effort. What you need to do is to cut off the top part of the hanger and just stretch it straight as much as you can do, then bend one end to give it a shape of a hook and use it down the drain and try to pull out all that stuff which is clogging the drain. After doing this, pour some hot water down the drain for a while and freshen up the drain again.

These are two most effective solutions for a clogged drain, so next time when you have a clogged drain at home, just try it any of the above ways and resolve the clogged drain issue instantly.

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