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Some of the Obvious Causes of AC Keeps Tripping the Circuit Breaker

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Now before diving straight to the causes of why the AC unit trips the circuit breaker, it’s important to know a bit about AC circuit breaker which is a safety switch that protects the AC system from undergoing any damage because of an overload pressure upon the circuit. Or if we simply put then AC unit trips the breaker because it uses more amps of current than the breaker is actually rated to handle and the main job of the trip is to give complete protection to the machine from undergoing damage because of overcurrent and avoid the chances of fire. Now if you experience that your AC circuit breaker keeps tripping recurrently then definitely it is not a good sign and you shouldn’t ignore. In order to make you more aware about the causes that could lead an AC unit to trip the circuit breaker are given below by AC repair Margate.

Filthy Outdoor Unit

The outside unit disperses heat and if the outside unit isn’t able to disperse heat substantially then it is because debris and dirt are clogged and not facilitating the outside unit to disperse heat in a good amount as it should do. So now when the AC unit is not capable of throwing heat out, then eventually the outside unit becomes hot and results into tripping of the circuit breaker. So get it checked by the professional of AC repair Margate.

Issues with the Circuit Breaker Itself

Another significant issue can occur with the circuit breaker itself rather than with the cooling unit. There could be many reasons for the circuit breaker to get defected, it may either with the wires connected to the breaker have become loose or the breaker itself may have become worse and needs a replacement. If you find that circuit breaker has become worse, then replacing with a new one is the best option.

A Short Occurs with Motor

The electric motors in an air conditioner run for quite a while and could take a lot of wear if not handled with care and what happens if they are kept running for long is that they can result in causing a short as the wire insulation can’t withstand the overheating issue of the motor because of being run for long. So the overheating of the electric motor is also one of the obvious reasons of circuit breaker to get tripped.

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